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Startup Weekend Fashion Santa Cruz 2016 (#swfashionscz), held on December 2-4, 2016 on Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia at the Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UPSA) and the Fundación Trabajo Empresa (FTE).

26 participants, who presented 23 ideas, formed 6 teams: Fashow, Coco, Imagoguru, Bijoumaker, Makipage, Manilla SOS.

This event is part of the Global Fashion Battle 2017 (globalfashionbattle.co), a global competition and incubation program for the fashion and technology sector, where 11 cities worldwide participate this year. Startup Weekend Fashion Santa Cruz 2016 was the local event here in Bolivia that seeks the startup team to participate in the GFB2017 (#gfb2017) Final to be held in New York in April 2017.

These teams worked for 54 hours this weekend, and supported by mentors and coaches, developed business models, validated with the market and created technological products. On Sunday they made their final appearances before a select group of juries, who declared as winners the following teams:


First Place:

Manilla SOS– GPS alert device and help order sending, in the form of a design wristwatch.

Team members:
Liz Rodríguez – Fashion Design Student
Noelia Mendoza Salvatierra – Entrepreneur and psychology graduate
Eduardo Callisaya Valdivia – Electronic Engineer
Cristian Soto – Project Management Specialist
Alejandra Emilia Ulunque Espinoza – Fashion Design Student


Second Place:

Makipage – Application for mobile devices that through geolocalization, shows available designers that are registered with the app, which go to the customers location to provide various aesthetic services.

Team members:
Yovana Galvez Rodriguez – Member of Women Techmakers, Systems Engineering Student
Diana Gardene Aramayo Poquiviqui – Member of Women Techmakers, Systems Engineering Student
Nayana Paton Amonzabel – student of Fashion Design
Laura Viscarra Andrade – student of Fashion Design
Kevin Leonardo Araúz Cardona


Third Place:

BijouMaker – Digital platform for jewelry design that the client creates by choosing the materials and layout on the web, ordering and receiving the piece in the home.

Team members:
Melissa Carolina Greau Terrazas – Marketing
Hugo Sebastian Antelo Rivero – Business
Esdrey Vaca Galeb – Programmer
Maximiliano Dominguez – Graphic Design





In this event, we had the visit of our facilitator, Monica Tatiana Ricardo (@monicaricand), from Cali, Colombia, by the organization of Startup Weekend Global (startupweekend.org), a program run by Techstars (techstars.com).

nuestrojuradoThe select panel of Judges consisted of Marcos Nakada (Mitsuba), Ingrid Rivero (Duty Radio), Amelia Solórzano (Patra), Lizzette Paz Soldán (Lizzette Paz Soldán Accessories), Alexandro Bravo (Consulting)

equipoorganizadorThe organizers of Startup Weekend Fashion Santa Cruz 2016 were
René Salomon Vargas – Fundación Trabajo Empresa (fb.com/rene.salomon)
Fernando Chávez Gomes da Silva – ZOFTCO (@fchgds)
Rosario Morales Rodríguez – Fundación Trabajo Empresa (fb.com/charito.morales.710)
Henry Saucedo Vaca – ZOFTCO (fb.com/henrysv25)
Jesus Miguel Hidalgo (@bolirut)
Natalia Chávez Gomes da Silva – UPSA (@NataChavezGomes)
Paola Tapia
Raquel Clouzet – UPSA

The Mentors supported the work of the teams during the weekend were
Maria Laura La Fuente
Sofia Chavez
María Fernanda Chávez
Mario Cesar Señoranis
Alejandro Farías
Luis Fernando Moreno Vargas
Marcelo Yañez
Enrique Guardia
Carlos Calle
Lauren Weber
Pablo Figueroa
Juan Pablo Rodriguez
Carmen Santander
Mabel Becerra
Walter Mendez

banner-final-swfashionWe are grateful to the sponsors who supported the event:


Fundación Trabajo Empresa (FTE) (fte.org.bo)
Zoftcoapps Software SRL (Zoftco) (zoftco.com)
Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UPSA) (upsa.edu.bo)


Banco Nacional de Bolivia (National Bank of Bolivia) (BNB) (bnb.com.bo)
Patra (patra.com.bo)
El Molino (fb.com/pasteleriaypanaderiaelmolino/)
Factorydeas (fb.com/Factorydeassc/)
Navurk (fb.com/navurk/)

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