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Queensland’s Health Entrepreneurs Need Your Help!  Now!

In February 2015, Brisbane will be hosting Australia’s very first Startup Weekend for Health where  up to 100 health entrepreneurs will spend 54 hours formulating and pitching a new health related business.  The Weekend is not for profit and volunteer run.  If you are an organisation that values innovation in healthcare, then we need your support.

The Challenge?

The pressures on health innovation are clear: ageing population, chronic disease burden, escalating costs, mental health and indigenous health challenges.

At the same time, shifts in technology – internet, devices, mobility, genetics etc. – are enabling new health service paradigms at an accelerating rate.   $5B is predicted to be invested in Health startups in the US in 2014.

There will be massive change.  It is imperative for Queensland to play its role in this innovation.  Startup Weekends are a way of doing just that.

What is a Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon that has seen over 1000 events held in over 150 cities world wide.  At each Weekend, entrepreneurs, experts and builders come together for 54 hours to take an idea, form teams, validate and build a business, and pitch to judges.

Queensland has already hosted 8 Startup Weekends across the state.   Check out a recent Sunshine Coast event vimeo.com/103801590

This will be the first Startup Weekend solely focussed on Health in Australia!

  • We need sponsors
  • We need mentors, and
  • We need networks to spread the word
  • If you can help in any of the above, please contact:

Bernie Woodcroft,

Lead Organiser, Health Starup Weekend


0402 893 117

Bernie Woodcroft