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Spotlight contributor: Aaron Bare

What inspired you to go to Startup Weekend?unnamed
I wanted to connect with developers that I didn’t have in my own network.  The goal being to work on future software startups together.

How was your experience?
We sat in a corner and cranked away though the day and night to go from an initial idea to a functioning prototype.  We pulled together other groups when we made a marketing video for the product but besides that, we really stayed focus on the goal. Our product was a gaming app meant to help novice beer and wine drinkers become experts. We called it Wannabe Wino.

What was the outcome of the weekend for you?
After the weekend, we went on to polish the app and eventually submitted it to the app store.  I walked away with a good understanding of how little time it takes to take an idea and bring it to life.

Where you at today with Wannabe Wino?
It’s live in the app store but we are not working on it.  We probably should since we spent so much time on it.  I’ve learned a lot about what worked with it and what didn’t work.  It has influenced me to think in new ways on future products.  App can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/wannabewino/id702734292?mt=8

Do you speak to you fellow members from that weekend?
Every once in a while I will talk to the developers that worked with me on the project but we are mostly doing our own projects right now.  Hopefully, we can work on something in the future.

Why should someone go to Startup Weekend?
Startup weekend is a great place to find talent, understand product development, meet like-minded people, and compete for a prize.  It’s a good place to learn to sell people on your idea and then further go on to learn team working through the process of high anxiety and little sleep.
What are you up to now?
I’m currently building a software called Splicity and we are releasing a public version in the next few months.  We’ve had traction with some brands that are going to be implementing our software in their upcoming social media campaigns.

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Brandon Clarke