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We’re the first to admit it. The BizSpark NZ team are a lucky bunch. We work with choice partners, choice startups, a choice offering, and a very choice startup community. We’ve worked with over 700 ‘Made in NZ’ startups. Being Kiwi born or bred means competing on the global stage is in your blood. If your startup is accepted into BizSpark you could be going global with the help of Microsoft. As well as the free tools, software, and cloud credits, partnering with the BizSpark NZ team means your startup could access Microsoft’s global sales force to help sell your product.

It’s been a few years now since we started working closely with Startup Weekend NZ. Startup Weekend superstars TranscribeMe are testament to this beautiful relationship, but also check out Wipster and Timely for a small insight into other successful local BizSpark startups. Here’s a few other companies working with us.

We’ve seen loads of startups come through to BizSpark after the event, or even go on to join with our accelerator partners, like Lightning Lab. All BizSpark startups enjoy free tools, software and USD $60,000* worth of Microsoft Azure credits, meaning you can put cash back in your pocket while you get your hands on the same cloud technology as 57% of Fortune 500 companies.

You don’t need to be on .NET and we’re all for open source tech. You can be building an Android app using Java, or running a Linux server with a Node backend.

Applications are open now. There’s no equity expected from startups to join BizSpark. If you’re less than 5 years old, earning less than $1million p/annum and are a privately held tech startup – you’re eligible.

Apply here now: aka.ms/joinbizspark

What are you working on? Tell the team about your startup: bizsparknz@microsoft.com



*Email the team for more on our exclusive BizSpark Plus offering available through our Network partner

Laura Kerrison