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It’s about ideas ! It’s about making things happen ! If you want to start up something new, do it now, if not, you are going to regret it. Air university and Sha’oor society presents “Startup weekend Islamabad 2015”. A platform where you can pitch in ideas and get a chance to see them get implemented. When an entrepreneur launches his idea, the major hurdle he faces is of raising the capital. So if you are looking for a platform to present your plan then start up welcomes you. It is a stage where you would get help to kick start your new ventures by us helping you get investments and mentorship. It shall be a chance for the brightest of the minds to come forward and do wonders. Air University proudly sponsors Start up weekend Islamabad, providing you with a great opportunity to come ahead, put forth your ideas and have a chance to implement them.

Haseeb Riaz