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I’m all in.

I organize Start Up Weekends. I attend community leader retreats. I’m training to become an international Start Up Weekend facilitator.

But I’m also a private sector employee and intrapreneur.

I want to help build a thriving innovative entrepreneurial community. I want to live, work, play and innovate. And that’s why I go to Start Up Weekend

I’m not the millennial in his parent’s basement playing and coding video games. I’m not the software engineer trying to find a team to build the next Uber for Airbnb for Facebook for Gen Z’ers.

And neither are the people that attend Start Up Weekend ABQ. We’re community builders, parents, boomers, millennials and ideation specialists. We’re small business, veterans, students and entrepreneurs.

The “who are these people” misconception may be the hurdle we need to jump in order to make Albuquerque the community we all want. Because “these people” are actually all of us.

I took the Start Up Weekend concept to my company. We hosted a weekend event to work on an innovative approach to market ourselves. Our MVP (minimum viable product) became our marketing plan. We had some tough “war room” conversations. We stayed up late and came in early. We heard from our leaders and learned from our co-workers. We talked about new products over pizza and planned out office décor over coffee. We created an environment to harvest ideas. We created space and place to cultivate innovation. And most importantly, we took the time to work on ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with in order to make this place just a little bit better.

So, whether you’re a tinkerer or an analyst; whether you’re a developer or a marketer, Start Up Weekend is about building a community and an environment to encourage entrepreneurial activity. It takes a community to build a community and we would love to have more on board.

You can still sign-up for Start Up Weekend: bit.ly/swabq_event

Brad Woodward