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Startup Weekend Adelaide
July 17th, 2015


We’ve started our engines!
– Matt Hardy

We’re up and away – Startup Weekend Adelaide kicked off last night at the Flinders at Tonsley, hosted by New Venture Institute, in a whirlwind of energy, ideas and activity.

Although many nervous faces were visible as our 100-plus participants began to arrive, by the time they’d all enjoyed a bite to eat (thanks Bing Boy!) and realised their peers were all in the same boat, the nerves were quickly replaced with infectious enthusiasm.

Among the highlights were:

  • Guest speakers Mal Chia, Uber Australia’s Marketing Manager and former Startup Weekend Adelaide winner, and Andre Eikmeier, VinoMofo founder, highlighting the critical need for participants to focus their efforts on developing an effective business model, rather than fixating on the “idea”.
  • Andre getting everyone in stitches – and more importantly, relaxed – with stories of his many and varied failed personal enterprises prior to achieving his current phenomenal success. “Don’t let fear stop you, just f*#$ing do it!”
  • Close to 100 one-minute pitches that ran the gamut of human enterprise, with plenty of innovative thinking on show. Although, having said that, we have to admit the opening line that got the most deafening cheer of support may have been, “Who likes beer?”. Nothing wrong with innovation that quenches a thirst, of course!
  • The buzz and hum of a room full of people all chattering away as they formed the teams that will develop, over the next two days, the top 16 ideas presented on the night. The spirit of collaboration was absolutely wonderful to be part of.

So now the hard work starts.

With team’s formed and roles within them identified, they’ll regroup this morning and, with their mentors’ assistance, start working through the long list of commercial considerations that every startup business must address.

Bring it on!




Orren Prunckun