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Have you ever wanted to start a new business, but you don’t have a partner or that million-dollar idea fleshed out yet? Have you ever wanted to quit your job and become your own boss, but never had the courage? Whether you’re looking to get pushed out of the nest, are in need of a team to build a business on, or just want to start something awesome, hop on the startup bus.


25 Buspreneurs, 3 Days, 5 Startups, 1 Bus

The startup bus divides 25 strangers into 5 teams and asks each team to forms its own business. Teams have two traveling days to come up with the next great idea, flesh out their business plan, and figure out as many logistics as possible.

Logistics are important. At the end of the trip, the teams present their ideas to a global consulting firm, and they can’t just sell them dreams. This firm will pick apart their business plans to determine which ones are the most feasible and well planned. The winning team receives mentoring and potentially funding from an experienced startup investor.

From SXSW to Mumbai

While the description above might conjure images of tech geeks hoping off a bus in Austin to pitch their ideas to a group from Silicon Valley, the Startup bus has operates all around the world. The startup bus has expanding to the Europe, India, and the South Pacific, providing resources and opportunities that the residents wouldn’t otherwise have had.

The four startups that don’t win the mentoring and investing still walk away with comprehensive business plans and consulting advice to continue with their execution. Buspreneurs that don’t move forward with their ideas still leave with strong business connections and the know-ho to create a cohesive business plan. Think of it as an entrepreneur boot camp, or business school in 36 hours.

The Navy SEALs of Entrepreneurship

The Navy SEALs perform special operations to protect the national security of our country. However, they also serve as symbols of America, and stand for loyalty to their team and teammates. It’s no wonder that buspreneurs are liked to the navy SEALs. They complete special operations to a short period of time, by highlighting the specialized talents of everyone involved, forming bonds of unity and training along the way.

Of course, you learn much more on the startup bus than loyalty and teamwork, you also learn about yourself. Will Mitchell of StartupBros listed out what he learned that went deeper than his business planning. For example: you are capable of more than you think, and it’s your doubt’s, rather than your abilities that hold you back. It’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire you both in your personal and professional life. And you create your own luck. These life lessons are things that Mitchell will carry with him long after he leaves the startup bus.

What to Know Before You Go

The excitement of making it big with your grand idea should come with an ounce of reality. Life on the road isn’t glamorous. Many Startup Bus alums recommend bringing motion-sickness tablets whether you’re prone to carsickness or not. Your excitement and moving around your table to brainstorm mixed with the turns and bumps of the bus are a recipe for nausea.

Also, board the bus knowing that there could be breakdowns, failures in the facilities, and even highway truck accidents. The StartupBros experienced this when the Internet and heat for wide lengths of time. They also camped out on the chairs of a Taco Bell one night because the bus was stranded and in need of repairs. Like all travel, there are always potholes waiting on the road to success.

It’s Worth It

We could end this article with something cliché, like how it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself, but that wouldn’t do the Startup Bus justice. Instead let’s end with a call to action for entrepreneurs who want to help their community, or the global community, to function better and more efficiently.

The more times the startup bus leaves the station, the more great ideas can help the world.

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Miles Young