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Just 5 weeks after our previous article, Startup Next Hong Kong Spring 2016 is almost over. We have been impressed by the teams’ progress and are confident that they will do great after the pre-accelerator. Big thanks to W Hub, for organising this edition with us and Jessica Choi from Hirely.

The program will end with a Demo Day at Metta on Tuesday 24th of May, the week before RISE Conference. Investors are welcome to attend and watch the team’s pitches, please contact us at hk[at]startupnext.co for more details.

Below find a description of our 7 wonderful teams and their excellent lead mentors:


  • Todi, the Smart”er” way of Security – Lead Mentor: Xania Wong of Jobdoh
  • Todi is a smart lock enabled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies and allows users to operate their locks with their smartphones. Key features include an alarm that alerts the user whenever the lock has been tampered with and a security camera to monitor and track entrants. Todi will be made available at an affordable entry price point to end users.  We are currently in the prototype development phase and are looking for funding to manufacture our product and expand our operations.
IMG_2840-(1)Todi Smart Lock


  • Steel available is an online marketplace for steel products for the energy sector – Lead Mentor: Collin Thompson of Intrepid Ventures
  •  By building trust, Steel Available matches specific requirements of our clients with the expertise of our pre-qualified suppliers, and available stocks worldwide, making deals happen! To do so, we have assembled a diverse and motivated team and we count on a global network of top tier manufacturers, and in one year, our clients rewarded us with inquiries worth over 100 M. 

    We aim to push digital transformation to this market and we are raising 500 000 US$ to develop our team, our product and our marketing strategy.

teamSA-startupnext platform prototype


  • TapTab.io is a Do-It-Yourself platform for musicians to create interactive music lessonsLead Mentor: Jeffrey Broer

  • TapTab.io has vision to utilize technology’s full potential to make quality music instructions more accessible, efficient and affordable. Content creator to upload the musical score and a live performing video, then TapTab.io aligns the inputs and generates interactive music lesson.

    The product is being used in 30+ schools in Hong Kong, music centres and by a book publisher in Taiwan. The team is now launching a pilot project with local SEN school and a Social Enterprise (with Autism Initiatives) in U.S. We are looking for partners, collaborators or musicians to promote TapTab.io together with us. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

Team-2 Product-1


  • myfairtool is a digital solution to increase business results on trade shows Lead Mentor: Alice Lopin

  • myfairtool is revolutionizing the business events industry with digital tools enabling companies to manage their trade shows and increase their return on investment. Already 300 companies are working with us and 15 new ones sign-up every week! We are looking for a back end guy to join the team and change the way business is conducted on exhibitions!

    Visit www.myfairtool.com to find out more and get in touch.

julien+boris branding


  • ME Solution has the vision to become a centralized learning material sharing platform – Lead Mentor: Will Ross from Nest

  • It begins first in Hong Kong. We believe in the idea that startups in education sector should abandon the idea that locking up information and charge people for that. In opposite, we just provide a platform for people to interact with each other. In simple words, we are going to change the education industry. If you agree on our vision, please support us and find us on our FaceBook.

me me2


  • Vaultarch – securing the world’s collectable cards against counterfeit, fraud & loss – Lead Mentor: Idris Sersoub from Popmap
  • Vaultarch is a protection system for collectable cards against counterfeits. For the popular card game Magic, there are several billion US dollars in high value cards in circulation, but there are also increasingly excellent fakes, increasingly widespread. We protect these high-valuable cards by storing high-resolution images in our database, that will identify the cards uniquely. That way the owner can prove in later years that his cards existed on such a date. Our experts will also validate if cards are genuine. From Magic we’ll expand to sports cards, stamps, comics & legal documents. We have enthusiastic users among leading players, and are ready to enter closed beta test.

    We are looking for beta testers & email subscribers. CTO support would be great too.

DSC_0739-1024x683 Slack for iOS Upload.jpg


  • Coinvenience – Coins and Spare Cash – Lead Mentor: Atin Batra from blueprint
  • Coinvenience kiosk is a cutting edge platform that stimulates users to convert physical cash into useful digital outputs, such as eWallet and travel card top-up or donations. Kiosks are located in high traffic areas to serve the public and will be funded through advertising. Our first prototype is completed and will be located at a local university for beta run. We are currently seeking funding to produce the next batch of kiosks and locations e. g. airport and MTR to place these kiosks.

  • Stay tune our latest progress and coming kiosk locations, follow our facebook and twitter.

    https://www.facebook.com/Coinvenience/ & https://twitter.com/coinveniencehk

Coinvenience team photo machine image

As well as Ada Yip and Leroy Yau from 43 Ventures!

Final thanks to our welcoming venues:

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