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Rietumu Bank and the Decta Processing Centre open a support programme for Baltic startups operating in the field of technology and finance – transaction services during the first year of operation are provided for free.

When launching a new business, young companies have to focus on testing the minimum viable product platform development, search for first clients, and bringing the company above the breakeven point.

We are ready to help by covering the expenses of accepting online payments and servicing the resulting transaction flow.

Rietumu Bank operates with more than 18 currencies, which allows more opportunities for checking a startup model on different markets from the very start. The Decta Processing Centre has numerous opportunities for accepting Visa and MasterCard payments, transfers from one card to another, and regular payments.

Rietumu Bank is the leading privately-owned bank in Latvia specializing in corporate bankingand affluent individuals, providing services to customers in the Baltics, Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. The bank was the first in Latvia to start developing the card services and services of e- commerce and today Rietumu Bank is the leader in e-commerce servicing in the Baltic States.

Decta Processing Centre was established in 2014 on the basis of the Latvian leading private bank Rietumu. Decta is modern processing centre in the Baltic States, in the establishing of Decta the latest technological solutions developed by Tieto have been used. Decta offers services in the processing of online payments by using cards of the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard and solutions for issuing and servicing payment cards.

+371 67 00 55 00

The FinTech start-up support programme includes:

– Free Processing of Visa & MasterCard transactions at Decta Processing Centre
– Next business day credits of Visa and MasterCard processed funds
– Free online merchant account at Rietumu
– Free IBAN Current Account at Rietumu
– Free access to bank’s transaction APIs: enterprise link, broker link, card link

Terms and conditions for programme participation:

Fintech startup registered in a member-state of the European Union and engaged in legal activities.

Free servicing term (processing + bank) – one year from the first transaction for business turnover not exceeding EUR 1 000 000.

Mention of the processing centre name on the startup website, and in the
press releases and social media of the startup.

Payment processing is performed for real goods or services.

– ‘Age’ of the company: maximum two years from registration date
– Volume of chargebacks: not exceeding 1% of total amount of transactions

This offer is valid for one year from the date of the first transaction, and up to reaching business turnover of EUR 1 000 000 a year.

Subsidiary companies or companies established as an associated project of a big business cannot participate in the startup support programme.
The bank reserves the right to reconsider the servicing conditions, depending on the history of cooperation and the type of conducted transactions.

To apply please submit a short brief of your startup to fintech@rietumu.lv

+371 67 00 55 00

Deniss Belajevs