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Welcome to the Startup Weekend blog! Here you can see everything we post about Startup Weekend in Novi Sad, well, at least the important stuff, like information about the event, interviews with your mentors who will be there for you during the SWNS03 ( from 20th to 22nd November), interviews with judges who will decide who’s the best, and much more.


You are still wondering what is the Startup Weekend? You never heard about it, or you don’t know enough to be part of it?

Well, let’s go from the start 🙂

Startup Weekend is an event where participants have the chance to make a good business story out of their ideas and convince the jury that their idea is the best, that they are ready to implement immediately and that they know how to do it.

It all starts on Friday night when contestants gather and pitch their ideas. About ten most convincing ideas, chosen by the audience and participants, goes on for further implementation. All participants gather in teams, and the game begins. The goal they have is to develop their ideas until Sunday afternoon. What teams have to do is:

  • to define their ideas clearly,
  • set its basic hypotheses,
  • to do customer development,
  • to make your MVP, and
  • be well prepared for the final presentation.

Sounds impossible? Believe me, a lot can be achieved in 54 hours, only if you try hard enough.

For the entire weekend, competitors will be on the road from an idea to the business model. They will not be left alone. They will get some help from mentors who have already passed that road and proved themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

And that’s not all. Teams who triumph and wins one of the first three places will get some interesting and valuable prizes. And, on top of that, the ones who become champions of SWNS03 had a chance to participate in Global Startup Battle.

Now, let’s go back in time to see how it was on previous SW events in Novi Sad.

The first Startup Weekend in Novi Sad was organized in October 2013.
A large number of registered participants and the great atmosphere made this weekend very interesting and extremely successful. The winner of the first Startup Weekend was the team “Pick’n’Park” gathered around Nikola Obradovic. The idea that this team presented was Airbnb for parking, or in other words possibility to reserve a parking spaces in big cities. Sounds interesting, right? But the fact that the idea was interesting was not the only factor that influenced this team triumph. They won because they had a good approach to the idea, formed business model, had a quality presentation and presented the prototype of the future website.


Second Startup Weekend in Novi Sad took place this year in March. Great teams and great people have shown that they know what startups are about, that they know how to pitch and how to work on the development of their ideas. The idea that had triumphed was named “Bill Hunter”. The essence of the idea is an application that could easily scan invoices we receive and send it to our accountants immediately. In this way, we would get rid of the additional papers, and our accountants would no longer have headaches due to misplaced bills. Presentation of Sanja Jovanovic was spotless. She had made it to explain all the aspects of the future application. In the end, even if the competition was tied “Bill Hunter” was the one who grabbed the victory. And, not to forget to mention that in spite of the hard work, a good time was not absent.


We think that is great to be part of SW, don’t you?

If you are still having second thoughts, here are a few reasons why should you be on SWNS03:

  1. you will have the chance to pitch your idea,
  2. you will meet a lot of interesting people,
  3. you will learn a lot, especially how to develop your idea,
  4. there are some prizes (for first three teams),
  5. and the last, but not least is that you will have fun! 🙂

That’s what we can certainly promise you.

The third Startup Weekend in Novi Sad is scheduled for 20, 21 and 22 November 2015. It will take place in the Management building of the University of Novi Sad. So, come, join us and be a part of an amazing weekend that can change your life.

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