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Green Copy is a platform that makes it possible for students to print for free. It’s a print in-house product that saves money, is eco friendly and supportive. Unlike other print shops we have assembled a platform, which prints free papers for students, it is sustainable and has a unique business model.

Team : Ermal Muharremi ( Team Leader )
            Fisnik Pula
            Edon Muharremi
            Norik Krasniqi
We aim to revolutionize the system by making it more accessible to our citizens, and more manageable by the local government. How are we going to achieve this? Our device installed on every bus, will be able to gather, analyze and send information in real time to the website or application, making our citizens life easier.
Time to an end for the messy transportation system of our city!
Ersion Meculi (Team Leader)
Korado Capja
Jonid Merdanaj
Gentjan Kolicaj
Endrit Abdiaj
Olta Leka
We believe that everyone who lives in Tirana would agree with us when we say that one of the biggest problems we face living in this city, is where to find a spot to park our car. Everyone who drives, relates to the problem. So we think we have a solution, a car parking app. An app that you can easily get and through our parking places database you can find a free spot in every part of the city that you want.
Team:     Darius Vishkurti (Team Leader)
               Drini Zusi
               Elvis Kokoshi
               Geldi Belba
               Elvis Imeraj
               Klaudio Elezaj
               Ted Reka
4. Easy Cooking
Our App is based on what you exactly have in your fridge.  So , you just go to the fridge and open it . You take a look at what ingredients you have , you make a quick list of them and then you send them to us . Then we will have the recipe ready for you in anytime . Its very practical and easy to use.

Team:   Kejda Cara

             Sendra Cobanaj
              Dorina Plaku
              Stiven Ballshi
              Xhoiner Lilo
              Ina Kulla
5. Smart-Ed
Description- We are developing a portal  which is dedicated into creating spaces for online teachings by excellent students/experts for those who are seeking for knowledge.
Team Leader-Suzana Gjurra
Web Developer- Erald Xhuti
Business Guru- Vasjan Broka
6. NoTraffic
Creating a prototype that helps people to reach their destination faster by avoiding road traffic. Three goals of this app are: 1.finding the shortest and the fastest road to your destination. 2. If you are stuck in traffic this app also will help you to get out in the fastest way from the traffic. 3. Suggests taking other alternative vehicles.
Team: 1.Luciana Fani (TeamLeader)
          2.Timonela Fani
          3.Igli Manaj
          4.Ardit Ajdini
          5.Kevin Hoxha
          6.Fanjola Koroveshi
7.  Night Out Experience
Imagine Eventbrite on STEROIDS, that’s what N.O.X does for you we’ve taken it to a whole new level. Book tickets for the hottest social parties in the city! Skip the waiting lines! Check out drink offers for you favorite bars when you walk by! Check out what’s going on inside the venue and a lot more.
Erik Tamo – Leader
Ervin Kurti – Marketing / Developer
Renis Krisafi – Developer
8. Pluto – Smart Home Solutions 

This is supposed to be an artificial intelligence device that automates your home.

We are trying to develop a product that can retrofit virtually any home with an automated network to connect standard appliances (lights, plug in devices) with the intention to optimize efficiency.  Our method includes creating an intelligent device that can not only monitor your location in your home to learn your habits, but also you can speak to it to control it remotely and adjust things to your preference, such as turning on air conditioning before your arrival, or turning off your sound system when you need some quiet time.
Jordan Huezo – Team leader
Pajtesa Gashi
Anxhela Llalla
Samuel Turner
9. DigitalClinic

Digital Clinic is a web application, that offer database storage and clinic website in cloud. Purpose of this service is to store one unique dental record for each patient that dental clinic in the City or country will have. Problems that solves: having a unique dental record for patient, Knowing the dental history of a specific patient.

–          No paper based dental records.

–          Having much more patients in the future.

Dental Clinic Profits:

–          All patients records are stored in cloud and are safe from lost.

–          Marketing of dental clinic with a web page personalized.

–          New clients from system can be connected with the dental clinic.

Income from Web app:

–          Big data value.

–          Dental clinics that choose to buy a subscription or a package from the web app.


–          Social media, universities conferences, terrain agents.

–          Ministry of Health

–          Demo app  in health faculties.

Team members :  Elvis Deda, Ilir Hamitaj
10. I Can
iCan is a promotional platform and online marketplace which supports individuals with special needs. This startup is based on the abilities of the kids in art creation and promotional activities. People with disabilities has problems and we help them by donations and by selling their creative art. iCan as an Organization aims to help the community, specifically by making visible the creative artistic composition of children with disabilities and promoting their talent. We promote the originality of iCan which performs a new duty for the community.
Slogan: “Same rights,different needs! The creativity of children with special needs shown in this page.”
Altin Elezaj
Flogerta Beshiraj (Team leader)
Orjanda Lici
Rubin Gurabardhi
11. Parking Point Tirana
The idea of the Parking Point Tirana is to help everyone that has a car to find the nearest parking place,in the fastest way possible by giving details about free parking places. So in this way you will stop coming around to find a parking in tirana,creating traffic and a lots of smog.Find,Check and Park to your destination. And now that Municipality of Tirana has created the new agency of parking,that will manage 4000 parking places for wich every person will pay.
Team :
Co -Founder –Renaldo Agolli
Co -Founder — Klejdi Domi
Developer –Klaudio Kucaj
Marketing –Besmir Rizaj
Aneida Bajraktari