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“Startup Weekend is a breath of fresh air: it is one of those events where you can really sense the innovation and identify the top talent from the rest. We’ve enjoyed every single opportunity that we’ve had in working together with Startup Weekend. As a results, we’ve recruited new people to OP Lab from pretty much every batch.”
– Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Lab

OP Lab’s crew has been taking part in already four Startup Weekends in Finland in the past 2 years. The reason for this is pure and simple: Startup Weekends allow us to best collaborate with local communities and take action while focusing on the most important resource there is – talent.

We are always working hard to find the best talent and getting them onboard to face the exciting future of the financial sector and innovation with us. What could be a better way to locate this talent, if not an intense weekend full of challenges such as Startup Weekend? The phases and intensity of the weekend tends to bring out the best of people, and this is something that we believe will truly make the difference in the future.

We at OP Lab also believe that collaboration plays a key role in development. In the past years OP Financial Group has transformed to a diversified services company. To best continue meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs we are partnering up not only with the best talent but also with the greatest startups out there to create new products and services in a range of fields. Startup Weekends all around are a great representation of collaboration – during these 54 hours, makers and doers from different backgrounds in different industries come together to collaborate in order to steer the path for future innovations. This is what we at the heart of OP’s new innovation strive to do as well.

So – prepare to pitch your great idea, gather a great team around you and iterate your ideas into concrete prototypes. This way you’ll not only be impressing the judges and other participants, but most importantly yourself. We are looking forward to yet another thrilling and fulfilling Startup Weekend experience – and to meet all of you, of course!

See you in Tampere on the 2nd of March and best of luck,

Team OP Lab

OP Lab is the innovation unit of OP Financial Group developing a range of services in the areas of health tech, mobility, living, commerce, and much more. Read more about OP Lab and its products from OP Lab website.

Antti Pitkänen