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Sean Paul didn’t even know what a pitch was before he joined his first Startup Weekend event. That day he had no idea of what to expect and never thought before of the concept of creating a business plan in 54 hours.


When asked about the impact Startup weekend had on his life, his reply was;

“It’s much different now that I’ve done it, I think in order to get here, in order to even think about becoming an entrepreneur, I had to go and try something. I had no idea what to expect because I had always worked in the corporate world, but because I met a couple of key people during that weekend to whom I ended up working with, my life has made a complete 180. From there I started to embed myself in the entrepreneur culture in London and Stavanger, and embrace the pay-it-forward attitude that is so prevalent amongst gründers.”

Today Sean Paul is co-founding his own project, Kids United, and he met his partner in this venture at that Startup Weekend event.

By joining Startup Weekend, Sean Paul did something that was completely new for him and from there he ended up getting a job in the innovation arena and finding his passion for entrepreneurship.

Sean Paul was recently at Nutek, listening to a presentation from the founder of smarthotel.no. Nobody was asking any questions in the forum, but Sean raised his hand and said “ Hi I’m Sean, cofounder of Kids United, I know you’re a very busy guy so what’s the best way for us to get 30 minutes?“

Everyone laughed, but by being up front and blunt, he now has a meeting with him. That’s the kind of attitude encouraged by Startup Weekend.

Startup events should make you open up your mind and see we are all humans to whom you can reach out to ask help from and give help to. That is the sort of attitude that creates a startup community – willingness to exchange knowledge and tools to get everyone evolving without asking anything in return. To pay it forward.

As Sean Paul remarks, “we end up seeing the people we connect with at these events all the time and that gives us this sense of community in the Entrepreneur scenario.”

One of the biggest legacies of events like Startup Weekend is empowering us to connect, to leave embarrassment behind and feel that we belong to one open network of people who allows you to feel confortable while being innovative.

If you want to know more about Sean Paul’s project go to http://kidsunited.no where you can confirm your support.

“Using sport with ball play, and a playful state of mind, Kids United fuses physical movement with logical learning to support the growth of our future’s youth.”

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