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The 6th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj is set to take place during the weekend of March 17-19, 2017. Early Bird discounted tickets can be purchased until February 17. This is the place where creative ideas meet the skills & the passion to bring them to life.

Usually we tend to think about tech related products when the word startup is mentioned. While the tech component might play a more or less important part, there is a wide choice of areas to choose from, when thinking about starting your own company.

In the last few years the most amazing tech progress was made in the area of electronic & electrical devices, of course, but the new technologies have entered all human areas of activity. Take, for example, medicine, engineering, architecture, design, marketing, and also many more. A lot of great ideas have come to life and became successful stories, thanks to the founders’ courage to explore & make experiments.

Another reason we are so fond of and encourage pluridisciplinarity, is the mix of knowledge and solutions that can result in amazing discoveries, when brought together. Think of an architect’s expertise in organizing spaces, objects & activities, combined with a sociologist’s insights on human behavior. Each of them might be a great expert in their field, but when they work together, their power will increase exponentially. And this is true each time you put together two apparently unrelated disciplines: magic happens.

During previous Startup Weekend Cluj editions 520+ attendees have pitched 160+ business ideas. 68 teams have put their efforts into turning an idea to a prototype, a MVP or a detailed presentation, closely advised and encouraged by 60+ coaches.

We’ll soon start to announce this year’s edition mentors. Stay tuned to be up to date with the news. We believe in people and in their power to work together and to shape the future, which is why we strongly encourage you to Get the Early Bird Discounted ticket.

The event will take place at Exclusive Catering & Events, during the weekend of March 17-19, 2017.

Cristina Juc Cristina Juc