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It’s been more than 2 years since the last Startup Weekend took place in Berlin and today we’re proud to announce that with a fresh team and heaps of enthusiasm, we’re bringing your most beloved startup event back into the local ecosystem.

Get ready for an amazing experience, 54 intense hours that will take you through the learning loops and ups & downs of startup life.

Startup Weekend Berlin will take place on November 17 – 19, coinciding the Global Entrepreneurship Week. How’s that for a powerful comeback?

Why Join

Get to know your local startup scene
During Startup Weekend you’ll have the chance to learn best practices from established startup founders who will be your mentors throughout the event.

Access a global community
With 4500+ events having been organized globally to date, Startup Weekend’s strongest asset is in the end, the community, which you will become a part of once you have attended the event.  

Get Started
Either you already have a business idea that you want to launch, or you simply want to get a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit, Startup Weekend is a great place to start; with the support of the mentors, organizers, judges & the other participants, you are guaranteed to find the answers you are looking for and get inspired.

How it works

Open to All
Startup Weekend is open to everybody – students, graduates, developers, designers, hackers, VC’s – we want you all!

We have special student discounts and early bird tickets meant to go fast, so have a look at our ticketing page and reserve your spot.

Feel free to reach out to as for any questions at berlin@startupweekend.org.

See you on November 17th!

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