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Oh my gosh.. we are so close to the first ever special edition Startup Weekend event in Detroit! Thanks again for planning to spend the weekend with us. We are super excited!

Just to help you with all of the little things like parking, wifi, resources, what are the prizes, who are the coaches, what will be eating, etc… we have everything in one place, HERE!

The Venue

The event will be hosted at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center located at 2826 Bagley Ave., Detroit.

You can park on the street, in the lot on site, in the lot behind the building off of 20th street between Vernor and Bagley Ave., or in the lot directly behind the Welcome Center off of 20th street and Bagley Ave. See map:

Map for SWD
  • The building has 24 hour security, although we encourage you to not leave anything valuable behind. In the unlikely event, Startup Weekend and the Ford Resource and Engagement Center are not liable for any loss or theft of personal property.
  • Wifi access information will be posted all over the building
  • You will have access to the venue from 8am to 11pm, during off hours you don’t have to go home, but you cannot stay there. Here is a list of places you can go in the area to keep working. We are also happy to answer any of your questions about other places to go…
  • WIFI = Network: FRAEC_Guest | Password: fall2013!

We know you are all responsible adults, but just to be clear on expectations please read the following:

  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOL – violation of this expectation is cause for removal from the event. No exceptions.
  • There will be other activities (not many) going on in the venue while we are there, please be respectful.
  • This space is gorgeous, we will leave it as we found it. Please take the time to clean up after yourself and your team – this is everyone’s responsibility.
  • The venue has a computer lab – this will NOT be available for use over the weekend. If this changes we will let you know.
  • White boards will be in short supply but we will do our best to stock you with the resources you might need. However, it is never a bad idea to bring extra paper/pens/highlighters/etc. Please see below for a list of things you should bring.


We sure have an awesome weekend of food planned for ya’ll. Absopure has generously provided ALL of the coffee and water you can drink.. seriously, the supply is endless! Plus, we will have soft drinks.


Domino’s pizza


B: Bagels @ 8:30am

L: Mudgies Sandwiches @ 11:30am

S: Assorted Snacks & Nice Cream Social with Nice Modern Creamery @ 4:00pm

D: Pub Rub @ 7:00pm


B: Bagels @ 8:30am

L: Bucharest Grill @ Noon

S: Assorted Snacks @ all day

D: Hot Taco @ 5:30pm

Preparing for the Weekend

Resources on the pitch, idea, and social enterprise component

The prizes

The coaches & judges

Any other questions you might have can likely be answered by searching this site… promise!

What to Expect on Friday Night

Pitches on Friday night will be in a “pitch-fire” format, which means you will have just 60 seconds to get the audience interested in your idea. You will have no slides or props -just your voice. You won’t have time to go over features, so just focus on the core of the idea and make your enthusiasm contagious. Here is the format for pitches that we recommend:

  • Who are you and what is your background? (5-10 Seconds)
  • Whatis the problem that your product is solving? Or, begin with a story (10-20 Seconds)
  • Explain the product and how it solves the problem (10-20 seconds)
  • Who do you need on your team (a developer, marketing, designer?) (5-10 seconds)
  • Finally, make up a name for your startup so the facilitator can give it a title

Voting & Forming Teams

After pitches, you will have more time to mingle. If you pitched an idea, this is your time to start recruiting others that may be interested in your idea. If you did not pitch, or if you are having trouble finding others to join your team, use this time to seek out those that pitched other ideas that you found interesting.

Next, the crowd votes on their favorite pitches.This is simply a way to encourage quick team forming. This is by no means an exclusive process and if you pitched an idea and it is not voted as one of the top ideas, you are more than welcome to work on it if you find some other people who want to work on the idea with you. From there we will form teams and these are the startup ideas that will be worked on over the weekend.

What To Bring

  • Laptop
  • Chargers & other tech specific things you might need (flash drive, HD cords/cables, etc.)
  • Business Cards
  • Something to take notes on & with
  • A paper ticket is not required. Your name is on a list.
  • STUDENTS – Bring your student ID
  • Lots of energy

Resources For Working On Your Business

Did we miss something? Let us know anytime if you have a question! Contact us at detroit@startupweekend.org!

Nicole Mangis