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54 Hours?!?! – When do we sleep? What about my kids? I have to work?

You will probably never again (outside of StartUp Weekend Laramie next year) have the amount of resources and support at your fingertips to try to build a business. That being said, we don’t expect you to drink a bunch of red bull and stay up all night. We know that life happens just like life happens when you’re running your new business. If you have to sneak away to coach a tee ball game. If the babysitter can only stay until a certain time. If you have to work the morning shift. It’s OKAY! But make sure that you are with us as much as you can. This time will be worth it’s weight in gold. Just make sure to still remember us when you’re famous and your thriving business is showcased in Time Magazine! 🙂

Can I bring a friend?

You can bring your friend, your mom, your cousin, your boss, and if your child is old enough sign them up too! Diversity of thought is one of the most powerful components of StartUp Weekend so we want everybody and their mother (literally). You can get on the same team to develop something together. You can join separate teams to each learn new concepts about entrepreneurship and then report back to each other after the weekend. Or you can compete against your friends on different teams for StartUp Weekend domination! All are accepted…let’s be real, that last option is definitely encouraged though.

What happens afterwards?

You decide how far you want to take the idea, but we hope you take it all the way! Some members of the team may bid you farewell and go back to their day job. Some members of the team may stick together to move the idea forward. Some members from different teams might even connect and start something new after the weekend is over. The sky is the limit! There are prizes for the winners which will include all sorts of services to help your business like legal advice and marketing help, but the real reward is what you will have gained during the experience. So ultimately, what we hope happens afterwards is that our city gets bit by the entrepreneurship bug and we begin to grow our own businesses more and more. You can always come find the organizers and ask for help. We don’t just do one event and leave you in the dust 🙂

Have more questions? Great! We can’t wait to hear them!

Ask away by emailing srusse18@uwyo.edu. 

Want to talk about your idea? Want to learn more about the format? Whatever the case is, there are no dumb questions. Fire away and thanks for reading!

Steve Russell