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Startup Weekend Aarhus Health Paula

Researcher-Entrepreneur-Startup Weekend. These three concepts may seem to belong to different worlds for many people. However, that is very far from being true. PhDs are natural entrepreneurs! Surely you have heard about it before, academia needs to be closer to the industry, it is necessary to find alternative funding sources, we need to increase the transfer of knowledge to the society, etc. And we know is true, the traditional way of doing research is being challenged and changes are necessary and unstoppable. However, the preconceptions we have about the business world tend to stay on our way.

As a PhD and young researcher, I cannot agree more with you and being so wrong at the same time. Entrepreneurs are passionate people who are willing to walk through walls to see their IDEAS through. Now, does that sound familiar? Does that sound like the definition of a researcher? Then, come and see it for your self. Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to do that, meet incredible people, build skills, learn a lot, and have an awesome weekend. As a participant of last year-Startup Weekend Health, I can tell you that there is NOTHING TO LOSE and everything to gain. Join us in the StartupWeekend community by attending the Startup Weekend HEALTH in Aarhus the 12-14 February.

Join the pre-event on Monday to get an inside view of what Startup Weekend is about. Meet the other participants, organizers, and mentors to expand your network with a group of awesome people who have a completely different set of skills. I will be there!



Join Startup Weekend Aarhus Health here: http://aarhus.up.co/events/8326

Arturs Avramenko