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Startup weekend Islamabad 2015 took to an amazing start with some inspiring motivational speakers taking the stage, followed by Haseeb Riaz our facilitator engaging the audience in interacting activities. Next came the half baked pitches; the most fun part of the day. In this session the audience shouted out random words which were noted down. Once there were enough words on the board, everyone was asked to formulate teams and choose a captain. The captains were asked to come up on stage and pick two words. The teams were then asked to work with those two words and create a raw business plan. The idea behind this exercise was to use it as an ice breaker between the participants and help the participants understand how to work with their fellows and turn one word into an idea. The session provided the participants a comprehensive understanding of how a startup works. After this session was over and quite a few teams had come up with amazing ideas, next came the real pitching session. Participants took to stage one by one and explained their ideas. A total of 38 pitches were made and 10 were voted off as best. The voting session was followed by dinner and that wrapped up day 1 at Startup Weekend Islamabad.

Haseeb Riaz

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