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Today we have a guest post from Levi Bostian. He’s spreading the message that Startup Weekend isn’t just for those who wants to start their own company, but for those for those who want to learn as well. Levi is the Founder of Curiosity IO and a Champion of Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event from a Friday to Sunday evening where thinkers, creatives, inventors, designers, business people, non-business people come together to build real ideas over the course of a weekend. The pitch for Startup Weekend is “get a taste of what it is like to work on a startup.” Sure, startup founders do indeed use the process that participants of Startup Weekend use and founders go through the same challenges participants do but however, the event is not only for potential startup founders.

Some people think that Startup Weekend is not for them because they don’t want to run their own business. Myself along with the hundreds of thousands of past participants of the international event would disagree. Startup Weekend is about building ideas and making them happen. These sort of skills are extremely useful to employees of existing companies.

Startup Weekend teaches you the skills and tools to make an idea become real. Friday night participants have the opportunity to pitch an idea they have always wanted to build with others. After teams are formed around these pitched ideas, it is up to the team members to demonstrate how this idea could generate revenue and become a real business.

You will learn and exercise these extremely valuable skills:

  • Find true problems that people are having in their lives.
  • Talk to real people to determine if they are a potential customer and see how big the market opportunity is for this idea.
  • Take all of the feedback from your potential customers and determine if your idea is still valuable, if you need to change some parts of it and pivot the idea, or if you need to ditch the idea completely.

Monday morning when you go back to your day job and/or side projects I promise you that you will take another look at what you are working on. “Is what I am working on right now solving a real customer need? Are there other people out there feeling the same pains I am feeling or am I the only one? Can I dream bigger?” are some of the thoughts that will run through your head.

When you can prove that your solution is actually solving a real problem for real people then you have a good idea. That right there is exactly what Startup Weekend is all about. Come learn and have fun with us. I will see you there.

Startup Weekend returns to Cedar Rapids March 4th – 6th at the Iowa Startup Accelerator in the Geonetric Building. We’re also excited to announce Sunday Demo Day Pitches will take place at Whipple Auditorium in the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Get your tickets today.

Brian Kerr