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Startup weekend 2015 was my first involvement in the startup scene in Macedonia. I knew something was cooking around the startup scene in Macedonia but I never thought there are/will be so many enthusiasts in one room in one place. Together with a high school friend of mine, we bought tickets and went to Kafana to “discuss” possible ideas day before the event.

When Startup Weekend started we formed a team with two more members. The team – NCS – don’t remember what the acronym stands for anymore – won that years edition of the Startup Weekend and even though we are not working on the project anymore – we are not a failed startup just we didn’t manage to monetize the app. We all went on our separate ways creating better tomorrow in Macedonia and the region and we all know that startup weekend 2015 made us what we are today.

Last but not least, startup weekend is the only place where you enter alone and after 54 hours you exit with new test app, a godfather for your child, a team and bunch of friends, tons of mentors advice, free office space and legal help to launch a company. I always want to recommend business books but the best advice on how to start, ran and do business is Startup Weekend So don’t miss out this opportunity to join this Startup Weekend and experience those 54 hours that will change your life entirely!

Mila Josifovska