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Thanks to everyone who made this event a SUCCESS!


Now the champions of the champions, here are the winners and their prizes:

1st Prize: Enlabed

  • Move professional kitchens from the Stone Age to the digital era starting with food labeling
  • Team: Marco C, Gianluca N, JJ T
  • Prize: 1-month membership at WeWork Moorgate for the team, Crowdfooding mentorship/advisory

2nd Prize: Recipes for Now

  • App suggesting recipes to time-poor shoppers based on local grocery inventory
  • Team: Nelson C, Tyson R, André L, Renata L, Hans-Jan K
  • Prize: Cinnamon Bridge workshops

3rd Prize: Feed Me

  • Are you hungry? Show you pictures of food and then take you there. Tinder for food
  • Team: Abdul K, Rebecca C, Rob J, Teslim A, Tunde O, Elise L
  • Prize: Startup Manufactory workshop

Each of the top 3 teams will also receive a Shaken cocktail box — our gifts for their celebration parties!

Honorable mentions:

  • Brain Bars
  • Fridge Wizzard
  • Freet
  • Shift

And let’s not forget about the MVPs!

  • Brain Bars – Estelle
  • Enlabeler – JJ
  • Feed Me – Rob
  • Fridge Wizzard – Evert
  • Freet – Ash
  • Shift – Nic
  • Recipes for Now – Hans

They are getting free HelloFresh boxes, so get cookin’ 😉

Angel Lam