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Chris Handy, a local marketing consultant, pitched at Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2015 but didn’t get enough support for a full team to work on the idea over the weekend. Of course it’s nice to take your idea all the way, but Chris’s experience illustrates that not all pitches will receive enough support for teams to form and develop them over the weekend. Most won’t. But ultimately, the impact of the weekend isn’t diminished, because the weekend isn’t always about your idea. It is also about learning new skills and getting to know others with similar passions—perhaps even a future cofounder.

Chris came to Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2015 with an idea for a service that would help businesses with their marketing by prompting them to generate content. His was one of 23 pitches Friday. When his pitch didn’t receive enough support, he joined another team. Together, that team developed an idea for an Airbnb-like service for longer-term stays. Out of nine teams, they were awarded first place on Sunday night. Chris found that working on another’s idea was still fun, provided variety, and allowed him to solve problems and learn.

If your idea doesn’t get enough support for a team to develop it over the weekend, don’t worry. As Chris points out, it may not be because the idea lacks merit. The people in the room may just be interested in other things, no matter how well you explain the opportunity.

Chris continued to develop his idea on his own after Startup Weekend. Initially hiring coding help, a CTO has since joined, bringing a depth of technical expertise Chris himself lacks. Given the connections made at Startup Weekend, it is no surprise to us that it was a fellow team member from the winning team. Chris says he knew it was a fit based on his work ethic, how he tackles tough situations, and how he handles pressure, all of which Chris knew well because they worked together over 54 hours at Startup Weekend.

Chris’s experience shows the connections that can be made at Startup Weekend if you come in with more than one goal in mind. We are excited to see what comes from teams in 2016.

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Nathan Winkler