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Startup Weekend Gainesville starts October 23rd, 2015

So, you want to be an entrepreneur.

Whether you’re already obsessed with a killer idea, are housing a burning passion for building or infatuated with the art of creating, then Startup Weekend is the place for you to start your journey.


The turnaround is fast. We mean really fast.
From the idea to the final pitch, you’ve only got 54 hours to work your magic. It’s amazingly fun, challenging and stressful. It’s a taste of what real entrepreneurship can be like.

It’s a chance to network with new people.
A lot of people come into town for Startup Weekend. It’s an event filled with people of different backgrounds, expertise and startup advice. It’s a perfect opportunity to bounce your thoughts off of someone nothing like you.  Be ready to chat up designers, investors, developers, mentors, business leaders and more.

It’s a place to get risky.
Take risks and put yourself out there. That’s what Startup Weekend is all about. You don’t have to be an expert to participate and that’s the beauty of the whole thing. Shed your insecurities and get messy.

It’s fu**ing fun.
There’s really no better feeling than collaborating on incredible projects with your community. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (hopefully tears of joy) and you’ll have a blast. 

Startup Weekend is a one-of-a-kind experience.
See you there!

GainesvilleScene Editors