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Startup Weekend Detroit for Social Enterprise
May 2015

Join us this May for the first ever Startup Weekend focused on launching social enterprise’s in just 54 hours!

What’s a social enterprise you say? Well, we are glad you asked! A social enterprise is simply a not-for-profit OR for profit company that makes money all while producing or advancing a social good or social benefit.

Still fuzzy? No problem. We will be pumping you full of all sorts of great information on how to launch a social enterprise before, during, and after the event! So, stay tuned, but also ask us a question if you have one…

You should come to this event if you are CURIOUS! And of course, if you have an interest in business and coming up with some powerful and innovative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges.

Our goal in organizing this event is to bring awareness to social enterprise as a viable and revenue generating option for businesses. Why not do some good in the world and make some money. Uh… sign me up!

If you just cannot wait to learn more about what social enterprise is check out some of these resources:

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) – www.se-alliance.org/what-is-social-enterprise

Harvard Business School – www.hbs.edu/socialenterprise/

Stanford Social Innovation Review – www.ssireview.org/


Nicole Mangis