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We reached out to startup founders around the US who had recently raised money from angel investors. We were delighted to get a response from KJ Dhaliwal, the Founder and CEO of Dil Mil. Based in San Francisco, Dil Mil has raised money from an all star group of angel investors who you can read more about on their Angel List profile.

But that’s not even the best part! The best part is that when KJ set out to start his company, he actually met his co-founders by attending a Startup Weekend! Which just goes to show, that anything is possible at Startup Weekend. Here’s a snapshot of KJ’s team (taken on July 1st, 2015 from their Angel List profile page):

Dil Mil Team
Dil Mil Team

Get your tickets today and be sure to catch KJ’s talk during North Dallas Startup Weekend 2015!

[UPDATE] This is the latest update from KJ on their upcoming round of funding:
We’re getting ready to announce our seed round of over $1M, with investors such as:

– Will Bunker – founder at Match.com
– Scott Banister – former PayPal board member & Ironport founder ($830M exit)
– Naval Ravikant – founder of AngelList
– Rich Nelson – former Managing Director for M&A at IAC (owners of Tinder, Match, etc.)
– Tom Fallows – founder at Google Express, cranking at Uber
– Maiden Lane – Institutional backer to the best angels in the world (Gil Penchina and the like)
– 500 Startups – seed stage fund via Pankaj Jain
– Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate – seed fund (investor in 2RedBeans, fastest growing Chinese dating app)

Chirag Gupta