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  1. What is SUWT?
    It’s an intensive training weekend in how to start up a business from ground zero of a  Bright Idea (which you do not have to bring with you! You can learn by working on another idea or one that your team develops).  Through a sophisticated and systematic but high energy and hands on learning process during this pressure cooker of a weekend,  teams form around those initial ideas. The teams are taught/mentored/encouraged and led through an adventure in speedy start up business building using the latest of agile methodologies .  These easy to learn business skills and models that have made fortunes for some,  created  profitable business for many, and helped uncountable numbers with sidelines that provide supplementary and passive income streams.  By the end of 54 hours that are way more like a party than a scholarly pursuit, out pop pitches for each team.  At big city SUW’s, investors turn up for the final pitches and some Startups are invested in with only 54 hours of development by a mixed team, most of whom are amateurs!
  2. Are we on our own with SUWT?
    Not at all!  It is one of dozens of StartUp Weekend trainings occurring largely in big cities across the globe in May. ( See http://www.up.co/  )  It is one of hundreds of SUW’s that will happen in 2015.  Only ours will happen in a town as small as Atherton.
  3. Is it a stand alone?
    NO!  Startup Tablelands brings together several community groups and TRC reps who are dedicated to finding innovative ways of increasing employment opportunities as well as the spread of new business models.  Your SUT team is presently seeking funding to create a longer running support program that would follow on from Startup Weekend Tablelands.
  4. Do I have to be a geek or a technophile?
    What if I can’t even open a computer? All are welcome!  The teams that come together on Friday night and Saturday morning are encouraged to have a mix of creatives and techies and talkers, or , in SUW lingo,   Hipsters,  Hackers, and Hustlers.
  5. The theme of our first SUWT is Rural Innovation.  Do I have to be an inventor and a farmer?
    No, you do not have to be either.  You only have to have an interest in learning more about 21st century business, be willing to learn more about collaboration,  and be curious about whether SUWT might point you in a new direction in life.
George Chandeep Corea