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We’ve recovered from the Startup Weekend hangover and now have a recap of the inaugural Startup Weekend St. Cloud winners!

Here is a brief rundown of the winners of Startup Weekend St. Cloud:

Special Mention: Dressing Room

Dressing room is a software application that addresses the differences in clothing sizes between brands. With the software that was developed over the weekend, a user can enter his or her body dimensions and Dressing Room will find the exact size you need and also recommend other brands based on what fits you well.

Third Place: Medella

Medella is a website where people can find information on cancer treatment from people who have gone through it. The website allows users to create a profile and connect with people going through the same health issues and share advice and support. Medella also aggregates data on treatments and physicians, giving users another source of information to supplement the official medical studies.

Second Place: Recruit U

Recruit U aims to solve the complicated process of recruiting qualified technical talent. Especially for small to mid-size companies, finding developers can be a real challenge. Using Recruit U’s platform, a developer can take a standardized test and fill out a culture survey. Using the results of the survey and the standardized test, an employer can find the best match and contact the developer directly through the site.

First Place: DibsOnIt.co

DibsOnIt.co wants to solve the issue of throwing out stuff that someone could benefit from. Using the app, users can post their items online through a streamlined process. People can then call “dibs” on the free item and arrange to pick it up. DibsOnIt.co plans to launch a beta at St. Cloud State University this spring.

DibsOnIt.co will receive $1,500 of social media set up from Dayta Marketing to help capture their first customers!


Everyone from the Startup Weekend would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated, coaches, sponsored, or supported this inaugural event. We truly believe we have found our niche and are working hard to boost the entrepreneurship community in St. Cloud. There was a visible transformation in the participants from Friday to Sunday evening, which was extremely exciting to see.

We will be continuing to announce new events throughout the next few months. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved in any way! We’re always looking for new organizers and fresh perspectives. All of these events are completely volunteer-based, so we welcome the help!

We’ll see you next Wednesday at Startup Drinks! All ages welcome!


Sam LaBine