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The teams that have been formed on Friday evening arrived back early on Saturday morning to Microsoft Switzerland, the location where Startup Weekend takes place in Zürich this time. The work they planned yesterday needs to be accomplished today. This is not easy, but they all knew this, that is why they applied. The venue is full of flow-charts, time-lines, post-its and filled lean-canvases.

Before lunch we had the chance to say hello to our fellow startupers in Trondheim, Norway via Skype. There are six Startup Weekends going on different locations all over the world this weekend, hard to imagine though that any of those would be more international than the one in Zürich right now.


During the afternoon we welcomed the couches, 13 mentors with many different professions. It was nice to see how the couches got energised from the atmosphere and the environment of Satrtup Weekend from the very first time. The teams presented their project and the couches also introduced themselves. So matching the teams with couches became easy, they could choose how they would like to work together.


During the afternoon we had a very useful speech from Carlos Morales, the co-organiser of Lean Startup Zürich Meetup about how to put a great idea into practice. We also had the chance to listen to Ash Maurya himself, the author of the Running Lean and Creator of Lean Canvas – Helping Entrepreneurs Everywhere Succeed. He joined us via Skype from the US and talked more about lean canvas and answered questions of the audience.


We finished the day with even more work and better defined ideas. The time was passing very quick, the day was over and the teams need to be ready with the first version of the pitch right on Sunday morning. Let’s see how they succeed.

Timo Hahn