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Last day of the Startup Weekend came. People seemed a bit tired in the morning, but instead of giving up, they need to make a full attack in order to be the best in the afternoon.
Pitch tech checks go quick. Teams come one-by-one to check their presentation and get some tips from the organizers. The challenge is big. They need to work out an idea, put together a presentation, convince the judges and make sure that the pitch is no longer than 4 minutes. This is definitely not easy. In the working area there is a tense mood, group pictures are done for the presentations, participants are staring at the computer, the presentation needs to be very smart.
4 pm, pitch room is ready, visitors start to arrive to watch the final pitches. Interesting to see how big the interest is for the event. The apero room is full of people. The energy of building a startup in 54 hours reached a lot of people, and the atmosphere was active and energized, only the ones who was presenting at the final were a bit nervous.
At 5 pm the event started. After the introduction of the judges the teams had the chance to show what they were worked on the whole weekend.
Over 130 people and the 3 judges in the pitch room at Microsoft heard great presentations. It can really be said that they did their best and every team took the competition very seriously. We had projects related to health care, real estate, but there were also ones related to dining, travel or technology. The jury didn’t have an easy job this time neither. But they made their decision, and I am happy to announce the winning teams:
  • Best Pitch: ConnectContact – Full fledged solution to keep up to date your business contacts
  • Best prototype: Insumo –  Brings you real success stories that will make your heart beat faster and motivate you in your ventures
  • Custom Motor won the special price of a design coaching by creative hub –  A platform for engineers to design small individual customized motors
  • The overall winner is team Dentra: trusted platform for hand picked dental services in Europe! Congrats!!
Such a great event and such a great occasion to meet great people. I wish all the teams to manage to develop their ideas in the future and became a startuper once for living.
[Thank you Orsi for writing these blog posts! & Werner Büchel for the great pictures and memories]
Timo Hahn