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Ever think about joining a startup or applying for an Accelerator programme, like Creative HQ’s Lightning Lab?

There’s a fantastic way to test the waters – Startup Weekend.


Startup Weekend is an immersive 54-hour event in which teams create startups. It’s fast-paced, intense and full of the highs and lows that give you a glimpse of what #startuplife is like.

At the start of the weekend, people – anyone that wants to – gets up and pitches their idea for a startup, and teams form around the most compelling ideas and pitchers.
Then as a team, you try to test whether your business is something that solves a real-life problem (by getting out of the building), you build the product or service (building what you need to demonstrate how it will work), and create a compelling story about why your business is going to be successful (your pitch for the end of the event).

There have been some really successful startups that began their life at a Startup Weekend (like Banqer), but not every team continues working on their business after the weekend – that’s not the main point of the weekend.

The main point is that everyone leaves the weekend absolutely buzzing from meeting fantastic people from their community, full of new ideas, grand schemes and great food, and feels they have really experienced what it’s like to start your own business.

Startup Weekends are held all around the world.
The next event in Wellington will take place 26 – 28 May 2017. Tickets are limited so get in quick.

Thinking about coming to startup Weekend? Or already amping up? Dip your toe in the water at our WARMUP events!

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Post written by Hannah Sutton

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