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By Will Haire

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Startups Connecticut

If you are planning on participating in Startup Weekend, then you have already taken the first step in developing your idea into a business. But is Connecticut the right place for a Startup? Of course, Connecticut is full of resources that will help you develop and sustain a great business. Let’s look at some of the numbers & facts that prove startup success in Connecticut.

  • Personal Income per Capita: $59,687, ranking #1 in the country
  • GDP compared to world: $54,925; some perspective, if Connecticut decided to secede from the union and become it’s own country, it would be ranked 7th most productive in the world
  • 145 Venture capital deals per 100K population, ranking 7th in the country
  • $1856 invested in R&D per capita, ranking 4th in the country
  • 142 patents per 100K workers, ranking 7th in the country
  • Home to high-tech, knowledge-based workers, with concentrations 33% greater than the national average

Connecticut’s Digital Media industry is vibrant and established, consisting of companies that provide services such as video production, software design and publishing, and more.  So, it doesn’t matter your background. There is a niche out there for anyone and everyone. Just pitch your idea!

Join us and become part of the entrepreneurial community, participating in Stamford Startup Weekend is where your journey begins!



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Will Haire