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RyanOharaLast year Ryan attended his first ever Startup Weekend. He’d heard plenty about it and thought it would be a great way to check out what the startup scene was like in Christchurch. Ryan currently runs two businesses, Voyage a web design company which he founded prior to his involvement in Startup Weekend and Waggle, an online marketplace where Kiwis can launch and bid for jobs which was launched afterwards.

Startup Weekend involves 100 people including designers, developers and non-technical people interested in startups. Participants experience levels range from those being exposed to startups for the first time to seasoned entrepreneurs. For Ryan the best part of Startup Weekend was being in a room full of likeminded people. Ryan said “Startup Weekend provides you with the tools to develop and validate an idea quickly.”

Ryan found making connections with likeminded people really beneficial. “The networking aspect was invaluable and being able to take those connections and use them outside of Startup Weekend has been great.” Ryan said they’ve already used connections made through Startup Weekend to help with PR and recruitment.

Ryan is looking forward to another Startup Weekend and encourages those that have a job that needs doing to sign up and list it on Waggle. Early bird tickets finish this Friday so make sure you grab a ticket quick.

Sam Ragnarsson