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Tallis had never heard the word “startup” when he decided to attend the first ever Startup Weekend in Brazil in 2011. On his way to the event, after trying for more than half an hour to hail a taxi, Tallis became frustrated. Waiting really bothered him because it’s about our time, and time is the most valuable asset in the world.

That’s what sparked the idea of Easy Taxi in Tallis’s mind.

Though he and his team were initially working on another concept, they pivoted directions after Tallis’ frustrating taxi experience. They worked all weekend to pitch their idea on Sunday night, when Tallis and his team won the competition and launched Easy Taxi. The mobile app allows users to request a taxi with the tap of a button, connecting drivers and passengers in a much easier way.

The rest is history…

Now it is the most downloaded taxi app in the world and operating in 30 countries and more than 420 cities. It is also backed by millions of dollars from such prominent investors as Rocket Internet, Millicom and iMENA. 

And where did all start? You guessed it right…Startup Weekend!

Startup Weekend, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a 54-hour boot camp that allows anyone to turn their idea into a reality. Attendees arrive on Friday night, present ideas, form teams, and then work tirelessly through the weekend. They do research, interview potential customers, and build working prototypes of their product, with the help of Startup Weekend staff and mentors. On Sunday night, the teams regroup and pitch their new company to a panel of judges.

If you can be in Tashkent Uzbekistan from 27th April through 29th, consider yourself very lucky. Why? Because Startup Weekend is happening here for the first time ever.

Use your weekend wisely! Come join us, network with your smartest peers, learn from our awesome mentors and international guests. Seriously, what can be better than this? Only Liverpool kicking Manchester City’s butt in the Champions League and only this. Nothing else.

And maybe the company that you will found here will become the next Easy Taxi? Everything is possible in Uzbekistan. If Scorpions are giving a concert in a country where tattoos are not allowed to be shown in music clips, you can do it too. Join us.



Jahongir Rahmonov Jahongir Rahmonov
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