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Where did you first hear about Startup Weekend Cologne?

I practically live at STARTPLATZ, so it was really hard to miss,
but it was the Facebook Event I saw first.
That was a bit over a year ago.


Where did you work back then?

I worked for the app incubator Maple Apps as the marketing guy.

Why did you participate in Startup Weekend Cologne?

To get a feeling for the interest in technical marketing as a service.

Did you have an idea for a startup then or did you join another group?

It was my idea.

How did you experience the weekend? What did you (not) like?

It was a lot of work and interesting group dynamics.
While being fun I didn’t like the expectation that the start was really going to launch.

What happened after the Startup Weekend?

We worked together for a while, but split up later.
6metrics is still going strong and is cash flow positive.


Are there people from Startup Weekend still in your team?

No, but we keep in touch once in a while.

What is your résumé?

It feels great to have people work with you on your idea,
but one should manage expectations from the beginnings.

Whom would you recommend to participate?

Startup novices who would like a crash course in startup idea validation.

Will you participate as a coach at Startup Weekend Cologne 2017?

Sure, if time allows it.

Thanks a lot! 🙂


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Christine Schluetz