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Caro, what is your job aside from organizing Startup Weekend?
I’m the Head of Communications at STARTPLATZ, the biggest Startup Incubator in NRW and host of the Startup Weekend.

In which Startup Weekend(s) did you participate and in which role?
I work at STARTPLATZ, where the past Startup Weekends took place, and soon after I began my job there I met a few people who participated or volunteered at SWCologne and were quite enthusiastic about it. Plus they needed someone for PR and Marketing, which is what I do – so that was a match ☺ Therefore, I started volunteering as well in 2015 for the Startup Weekend in early 2016, being responsible for PR and this year I will be a coach for the participants and answer all questions about PR and Marketing.



What was your motivation to volunteer?
Firstly, the people who previously volunteered or participated who told me so many good things about it and then, too, that with a little bit of my time, effort and knowledge I can motivate and help more young people with really good ideas to actually make something of it.

What was the most remarkable moment / the thing that impressed you most?
When I invited the Cologne Mayor and Elfi Scho-Antwerpes actually came to open the StartupWeekend on a Friday night. It was nice to see that some politicians support the startup scene and are generally interested in it. She told us that the year before, her daughter participated at StartupWeekend Cologne the previous year.

Do you have good advice for all future participants?
Just dare to take part! Even if you don’t have an idea or so far you have not set foot in the startup scene – take this as your chance to meet wonderful people and be inspired! You don’t need an own idea, you just need to be motivated.

Ready to be part of it, too?
Get your tickets for the next Startup Weekend Cologne 2017 now!

Christine Schluetz