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Startup Weekend

It all started with a Startup Weekend event where the masterminds of Singli.com, Felix and Karson, first talked to each other. Although did not win the competition with their respective teams in SWHK, Felix and Karson realized they could make a good team together, for they are both determined to start a business of their own and with similar ideas towards the future. Singli.com is then founded not long after the event, an idea that would revolutionize the way how Hong Kongers browse and purchase their travel luggages. Startup Weekend, provided a quality platform to gather like-minded people with an entrepreneur will, has played a major role in facilitating the suitcase revolution in Hong Kong.


The suitcase revolution

As we all know, Hong Kongers like to travel during their holidays, according to Information Service department of HKSAR, a total of around 277 million passengers arrived and departed ports of Hong Kong in the year of 2013. As startup entrepreneurs with a goal to build a better future, we not only recognize a huge potential value in the market of a travel must-have — suitcase, but also try to create more efficient ways for travellers in obtaining their suitcases.


Current suitcase problems in Hong Kong

  1. Storage problem:

Space is one of the scarcest resources in Hong Kong, and therefore every inches of space at home should be utilize wisely. Quite a few of urbaners are living in extremely tiny “shoebox flats” in order to save on rent. Storing suitcases at home has become a headache for many Hong Kongers, as they generally consume large spaces and are not of frequent usage.


  1. Purchase problem:

Even though some people may have some extra space to store one or two suitcases at home, purchasing suitcases can also be a hassle in Hong Kong. Although convenient, public transportation in HK is usually very crowded most of the time and carrying large belongings with you meaning you have to fight your way through the journey.



So, how can we minimize these drawbacks in preparing for our wonderful getaways? The following two startups formed an alliance with the same goal to revolutionize the suitcase industry are, therefore, being created to tackle the two major suitcase issues respectively.


  1. Rent-a-Suitcase

Rent-a-Suitcase offer suitcases and action camera rental services to travelers, putting a stop to the headache for many families living in smaller flats. Moreover, renting travel gears means less waste and cost generated by your travel, creating a stronger sustainability and mutual support within the city.


  1. Singli.com

For those travelers who need their own suitcases, the team of Singli.com works hard to make sure their suitcase purchasing process can be as seemless as possible. Trying to spare suitcase purchasers from all the hassle in transporting the suitcases across town, Singli.com offers the convenience of luggage choices for nationwide online purchase from the comfort of your desk, home or mobile device.


Just for Startup Weekend readers

Thanks for sparing the time reading our ideas on how to revolutionize the suitcase business, we have prepared some perks to all the Startup Weekend readers to join our revolution today. From Rent-a-Suitcase, type in discount code (“SWHK2015”) in reservation to get 10% off to the total on your first suitcase or GoPro rental. Use the same discount code (“SWHK2015”) when checkout get you 10% discount to the total of your bill in Singli.com.

Story written by Rachel Cheung

Founder @RentaSuitcase


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