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Startup Weekend Austin
February 6th, 2015

People’s reactions waiting to grab the mic during Friday night pitches.

Last weekend’s installment of Startup Weekend Austin (AKA: #atxSW15) has taught us all a number of valuable lessons.  Attendees learned a great deal about the process of forming a team, brainstorming ideas, validating markets, building a business model canvas, and which coffee shops around town are indeed 24-hour.

From the organizing team’s perspective, we’re accustomed to observing, learning and supporting as the teams do their thing, so the fact that we all learned lots of new things shouldn’t be all that surprising.  However, this weekend was a little bit different.  To say that it was the highest caliber of Sunday night pitches we’ve ever seen only scratches the surface.  Organizers, mentors and judges all learned that Austin’s entrepreneur and developer community is not to be taken lightly.  The buzz around the Capital Factory all weekend revolved around the realization that these teams were all producing some of the best platforms, services and products that any of us had ever seen from such an event.

Here are some photos that highlight the intensity, collaboration, and great fun that we all shared in the 54 hours that were Startup Weekend Austin 2015:

J.D. Weinstein and Chris Gillan started things off by sharing their advice and experience with the group:

_MG_4636 _MG_4638 _MG_4647 _MG_4652

Our fearless facilitator Kav walked teams through the process of pitching, and the weekend was off!
_MG_4693 _MG_4702

_MG_4709 _MG_4714 _MG_4717 _MG_4719 _MG_4728



The weekend seemed to fly by as teams worked as quickly as possible, building websites, validating markets, doing customer interviews (some teams even took to the streets of downtown Austin to do so), and anything else required of their newly found startup.  On Saturday afternoon, our fantastic team of coaches worked to mentor teams, who were eager to soak in any advice they could wring from folks with deep experience and entrepreneurial wisdom:

_MG_4738 _MG_4747 _MG_4757 _MG_4765 _MG_4779 _MG_4860 _MG_4863 _MG_4874 _MG_4882 _MG_4890 _MG_4895 _MG_4898 _MG_4906 _MG_4925 _MG_4767 _MG_4846 _MG_4825 _MG_4910

The organizers had a particularly enjoyable time, helping teams find resources, coordinating coach arrivals and conversations, but mostly hanging out at Capital Factory swapping stories:

_MG_4786  _MG_4949 _MG_4947 ATXSWORGS

Mostly, we had to remind folks how little time they had to do so much work.  “No talk, all action,” as they say.

But all good things have to come to an end at some point, and Sunday evening arrived in a whir of PowerPoints, Google presentations, Prezis and various other slidedecks demonstrate to the judges that it represented the best of the best. Our panel of judges geared up for 18 presentations, the most any of us had ever heard of for a Startup Weekend:


Here are some photot highlights from the Sunday night presentations:

_MG_4983 _MG_5003 _MG_4999 _MG_5017 _MG_4995 _MG_5021 _MG_5052 _MG_5067 _MG_5078 _MG_5050 _MG_5040 _MG_5034 _MG_5030 _MG_5082 _MG_5085 _MG_5095 _MG_5102 _MG_5059 _MG_5061 _MG_5115 _MG_5144 _MG_5158 _MG_5138 _MG_5139 _MG_5107 _MG_5184 _MG_5162 _MG_5200 _MG_5193 _MG_5186

The top three teams all barely edged out the competition after a tough deliberation by our judges.  The top three teams are as follows:

3rd Place — 21 Day!


2nd Place — Knock Knock!


And the first place team, Free Will!


There you have it.  The weekend was a huge success and we all learned a great deal.  Ultimately, we hope that every team learned about the outstanding community that exists in Austin that supports radical ideas that can change the world.  We hope teams met a bunch of folks from the awesome community of individuals who make up the fabric of our great city who are more than willing to lend a hand, an ear or the ever-tantalizing email connection to “a good friend who will absolutely love what you are doing.”  Most of all, we hope that teams learned about how to “Start up!”  See you again real soon!



A special thank you to the folks at RetailMeNot, without whom Startup Weekend Austin would not have been possible.  Also, thanks to Tito’s Handmade Vodka and TechMap for their generous donations.  Thanks always to Capital Factory for hosting us at their awesome downtown space!

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