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11月14-16日: 第二届成都创业周末, 快来围观丰厚奖品! 2nd Startup Weekend Chengdu

Startup Weekend Chengdu Image


感谢我们所有赞助商们为这次的成都创业周末活动获奖者提供非常炫目的奖品。Join us!快来注册吧


A: 成都世服宏图服务式共享办公空间的12个月免费使用权

B: 成都虚拟办服务式办公室商务中心铂金级包半年使用权.

C: 成都仁恒置地广场拟办服务式办公室一个卓越的对外办公地址

D: DigiChina 5~15小时市场咨询服务

E: ECFO一年财务计划和季度分析服务


Servcorp成都虚拟办公室: 航天科技大厦,香格里拉中心写字楼

– Regus成都服务式办公室: 仁恒置地广场, 百扬大厦, 时代广场中心


  • 世服宏图虚拟办公室1个月免费试用
  • 世服宏图董事局会议室1小时免费使用券

Chengdu Startup Weekend Prizes

Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping provide great prizes; check out some of them:

A. 1 Year Servcorp Serviced Office space workstation Servcorp

B. 6 Months Regus Serviced office Business Word Platinum Plus Package incl. 5 days executive office + 1 Boardroom usage for a day at Regus Yanlord Landmark

C. A prime Regus business address at Servcorp Yanlord landmark

D. 5-15 hours digital marketing consulting with DigiChina

E. 1 year financial plan and quarterly review by ECFO

All attendees:

  • 1 hour Servcorp Boardroom Voucher
  • 1 month Free Trial for Servcorp Virtual Office Package

创业周末是啥?What’s Startup Weekend?


Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday and ending on Sunday, Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where anyone can share business ideas, get feedback from peers and create teams. Teams present their findings in front of local entrepreneur leaders, and get practical evaluation and feedback.

为啥参加?Why Participate?
所以无论你是想成立公司,寻找合伙人,结交新朋友,或学到日常朝九晚五工作之外的新技能,任何人都可以从创业这个看起来有些乱但是很有趣的世界里找到乐趣。Whether entrepreneurs found companies, find a co-founder, meet someone new, or learn a skill far outside their usual job, everyone is guaranteed to leave the event better prepared to navigate the chaotic but fun world of startups.

Uber Speaker

Speaker 演讲者

张严琪出生于成都,毕业于中国人民大学财政金融学院,加入Uber 之前就职于中国银行总行全球金融市场部,负责G7 发达市场货币的自营交易以及跨境人民币交易做市。张严琪同时负责全球市场部资金业务前中后台一体化系统(Murex)的建立。张严琪2014年6月加入Uber, 并在北京、深圳和成都等多个中国的城市启动Uber的产品和业务。

Yanqi Zhang, born in Chengdu, graduated as Bachelor of Economics in Finance from Renmin University of China. Before Uber, Yanqi worked 4 years in Global Financial Market Department of Bank of China Head Office. He joined Uber in June 2014, and has been working on Uber’s expansion in China,including launching of various Uber products in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

Make friends. Build your idea. Improve your skill. Find a mentor. Start a company.

门票价RMB200, 格包含整个周末伙食,类似工作餐,以及无限茶水和柠檬水。

Price: RMB 200, includes food for the entire weekend, as well as unlimited tea and water.

Join us!快来注册吧

Send us an email or go to our website.

E-mail: SWChengdu@gmail.com
微博Weibo: 成都创业周末StartupWeChengdu