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We have tried to reach out to everyone to gather info. Here is the team contact info that we have collected so far.  Email us at tirana@startupweekend.org if there is information that needs to be corrected/added.

1. TechnicAl

TechnicAl is a network for professionals that aims to get together handyman, plumbers, housekeepers etc. with customers who need their services.

Samanta Zeneli (Team Leader), Ardi Zeneli, Bukurie Ozuni, Sheqere Balliu, Jonadri Bundo, Erzan Hylli, Bukurie Ozuni, Nikolin Ndoka, Nerdon Gjonaj


2. Fittie

Fittie will offer its service via a mobile app.

Our goal is aiding everybody in following a healthy diet no matter what their health conditions or fitness goals are and provide them with a link to worldwide nutritionists for personalized diets.

Arnold Drita (Leader), Arnold Zhulali, Lubjana Saja, Saadi Myftija, Dorjan Hitaj


3. Special Craftsmen

Sell crafts and artworks prepared by children with special abilities through our website. Build a bridge between these children and customers, help them make most of their talent and generate revenue from it and in the same time raise awareness about people with special abilities and help them better integrate in society.

Enxhi Lilo (Leader), Antonela Duka, Arber Zela, Florjan Biba, Migel Zallemi, Marsel Lacka, Ejona Varangu


4. Random Thoughts

Often we want to escape but while we can’t do it physically, we try to do it with our mind. Random Thoughts app give you the opportunity to check in where your mind is wondering.

Elidjon Grembi (Developer), Kamela Kondili, Vasken Spiru, Agon Avdimetaj, Esat Pllana


5. Start healthy

Our goal is to improve children nutrition and healthcare. With the collaboration of government will start the application from the birth of the child and will be continue until child is 2 years old. The application will be a vaccination reminder, healthcare professionals, nutrition recommendation from experts’ pediatrics. Our goal is to improve children nutrition and healthcare addresses to growth standards recommending by World Health Organization.

Alfi Sh (Leader), Elda Shurdhaj, Jonida Llaci, Olti edhgjeliu, Igli metani.


6.  uSupply

A web portal that helps communication between Suppliers and Small Businesses to improve efficiency and reduce cost and time.

Andia Offiziell (Leader), Nafi Xhafa, Nertil Zhuri, Sabri Nuzi, Ardit Ajdini


7. Tirana Bus

“ We offer the fastest online ticketing system to help everyone manage their time better by making our service available on everyones mobile phones ”

Ardit Dine (Leader), Fabio Çimo, Gerta Dervishi, Megi Serani, Rovialdo Konda


8. Code in Rose

Code in Rose is an initiative whose mission is to decrease the gender gap in programming and to increase the number of IT females in the market.

Fjoralba Golikja (Leader), Andi Cobo, Anisa Kasemi, Eni Daka, Klea Mertenika, Sonila Marku


9. KTU Akademi

We aim to create Brand Identity as the leading and the most innovative educational academy offering high quality and added value to individual lifelong-learners

Ergers Mamoci, Iva Kërtusha, Esmeralda Topuzi, Jeton Shehu, Ergys Ura.


10. WhistleBlower

WhistleBlower is a company which will help the Ministry of Finance to solve the problem of tax evasion. Our aim is to raise awareness of the people about the importance of taking the tax voucher and making them realize that in the end it is also them who will benefit from our project

Kevin Shehu (Leader), Ardit Meti,  Xhulja Shahini, Jona Hebaj, Nilda Kipi


11. QuickFeedback

“Your pulse is a tool to help get a picture of your health !!!

Fastest way to inform doctors and interested people for heart issues of the patient, insurance companies will love this business, it lowers their costs!

Enri Dervishi (Leader), Albina Çuni, Anisa Caco, Ina Sina, Shpëtim Dervishi


12. Albanian treasures

Albanian treasures is a business to expand the economic pie in Albania by facilitating the export of the Albanian products and produce worldwide.

Warren Andersen (Team Leader), Manjola Perja, Xhoi Rapi, Denisa Pano, Uirda Shparthi, Juxhina Ismaili.


13. AlbFood

Marketing website designed to make life easy for restaurants & clients.We help restaurants achieve the best advertisement & people who want to know more about Albanian cuisine & where to find the places that suit their choices. You will find the number of calories & nutritive values each dish has. You will be offered an application where you can find out how much calories you would be taking.

Joy Banushi (Leader), Edona Maluka, Eli Deraj, Adem Alushi, Florian Murataj, Joy Banushi, Xhuljo Balla, Olgert Rakipllari


14. Free Software Services

Offering SaaS (Software as a Service) based on Free Software. Free Software Services is a company offering SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning that we offer Open Source Software hosting, on monthly/annual subscription. You can choose the software you need from our list and just subscribe, we’ll do the installation and configuration for you, saving your time and technical frustrations.


Dashamir Hoxha (Leader), Ardita Turhani, Denis Bakiu, Maria Karaj


15. Shumlist

Share ideas through real projects. Shumlist is a website that allows all innovators to sell, buy, and exchange both finished and unfinished projects with each other. Explore. Find. Achieve.

Mateo Prifti (Leader), Jetro Saraj, Grejdi Meta, Margen Stepa, Patrik Bardhi, Hristos Giannopoulos, Artian Kica, Frenklin Hasani, Enes Kristo, Kelvin Cobanaj


Aneida Bajraktari