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Following our Lean Canvas conversation at the SWAKL Warm up, we turned to Q&R*s from some SW organisers.

*Q&Rs are Questions and Responses – we don’t always have an answer but we always respond. 

Here’s a recap of the questions and responses from tonight:

What resources can I bring?
You can’t bring other humans – however you can outsource within your community

Bring whatever you need to do your work, but keep in mind possible power and bandwidth limitations if you are bringing multiple devices

Can I use resources for my pitch?
You can but you only have 60 seconds so don’t use slides or resources that slow it down

You can bring an idea you’ve been thinking about, but not one that you’ve worked on before e.g. if you have incorporated the company, created a brand, written code etc it is too late stage for startup weekend 

What is the judging criteria?
You are judged in three parts: business model, validation and execution – design and build

Is the idea protected?
Working with startups people are often scared to share their idea in case it’s stolen. It’s probably not worth stealing on Friday night – your idea becomes good by engaging customers and working on it. However if you do really feel you want to protect the IP bring something similar or work on a different idea.

Execution is what we’re looking for. “You don’t have to pay rent on the castle in your head. But when you start building things you have to figure a lot out”

Venue security, times and equipment
Venue closes at 1am and opens at 8am. You don’t have to stop working then but you have to be out (and we do recommend sleeping!)

You are responsible for your own valuables.

You will be provided a laminate lean canvas, post its, kan ban  boards. Bring along your own devices, whiteboards, pens and water bottles.

What sort of help do the mentors give?
Mentors have a range of backgrounds including lawyers and accountants for specific advice. All mentors have been through a startup, lean canvas or startup weekend so know what questions to ask you to challenge your ideas and guide you. Mentors have different points of view based on their experience.

Remember – Mentors aren’t advisors. It’s not about getting your questions answered and you may get conflicting ideas – it is up to you to pick through all of that to make decisions

How do teams form?
Organically. It is up to you to hustle and find/build a team – sell your idea, sell your skills, find the right talent.

 Team size 4 – 8

If you have any questions or comments about the event please let us know! Email auckland@startupweekend.org or tweet @AKLSW

Laura Kerrison