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This post written by Startup Weekend EDU Program Manager John Baldo.

Startup Weekend EDU (SWEDU) alumni Stacey Wang, Jeff Miller and Wendy Tsu recently piloted their first EduHub: Hack Your School event at the San Francisco Flex Academy.  The event brought together the school’s students, teachers and principal with designers and entrepreneurs from Levi Strauss and TechShop to reimagine different aspects of their school.  And the results were amazing!

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The EduHub team kicked off the day with a crash course on the Stanford d.school’s Design Thinking methodology.  Then, much like a SWEDU event, SF Flex Academy students and teachers pitched problems and ideas they wanted to work on throughout the day.  Five teams with diverse skill sets formed and started applying the Design Thinking process to come up with innovative new school experiences.

A sophomore student found that some elements of his video curriculum were not always engaging and wanted to do something about it.  His team dove deeper into the problem using empathy building techniques they just learned and came up with a new curriculum model that supplements quick video lessons with offline peer-to-peer activities.

Another teacher-led team decided that the classroom environment was too limiting and designed a school that was entirely at sea!  In their school model, students would spend part of the day learning the usual core subjects and then immediately apply those concepts while learning how to sail and navigate a ship!

This event was just the beginning.  The SF Flex Academy principal has already invited the EduHub team back for another event in the Spring to get more of his staff and students involved in the design and direction of SF Flex.

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If you’re in the Bay Area (or beyond) and would like to talk to the EduHub team about leading a workshop or PD session at your school, drop them a line at info at Stacey@eduhublearning.org and Jeff@eduhublearning.org.

The EduHub team was formed at the first ever Startup Weekend EDU: NextGen Schools event in Silicon Valley.  To learn more about upcoming Startup Weekend EDU events and find out how you can get involved, visit swedu.co.

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