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I was one of the participants in Startup Weekend Hong Kong 2012 and my team, Dishing Up! was the champion. It was a great experience!.


Inspired by my unhappy experience of ordering takeaway, we aim to connect all restaurants and eaters through a mobile app, in which users can browse the menu and place order directly.









5 TIPs for future SWHK participants

Make friends and contribute yourself

SWHK is one of the hottest startup events in HK. It draws a lot of talents from different fields like marketing, business development and programming. It might be the first time for you to meet but don’t be shy. Keep your mind open and share as much as you can. No matter they join your team or not in the competition, they could be your startup mate or supporting team in future.

Step out your comfort zone

People in SWHK are all very talented. They might share something what you don’t know you don’t know. I know it might be hard to digest at first (Like me, I come from a pure business background and felt nuts when I was talking to programmers). Try to understand and ask for clarification honestly. Most people are friendly and mentors would be there to help if you need. Just in case they are not very friendly, you can still google it yourself. :p

Keep your team small

Like running a real startup, keeping a small team and define everyone’s role clearly makes the progress goes smoother and much more efficient. Golden team formula is 1 Designer + 1 BD + 1 Programmer.

Clear Value statement and business model. Skip animation and jargons. 

Imagine you are sitting in front of the Tycoon Lee Ka Shing and he only gives you 1 min for pitching – what will you say about your business?

The competition is just the beginning.

Test the idea no matter whether you win or lose. Only market will tell if the idea works or not. Just GO and TEST! ☺


Joining SWHK is an awesome experience especially when you are tired about your current jobs. Refreshment and sparkles would be brought to you and push yourself to go further.


Article written by Meimei Cheung – read her blog in Chinese

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