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Abstract Christmas Tree Vector Illustration

Christmas is here. Just like every year. And just like the last time, shops are overcrowded, car parks full, and on every step X-mas ads have been following us for more than a month already. But it´s a tradition.

Some people celebrate the birth of Christ, some eccentrics might celebrate the pagan solstice, and then there are those who worship the fat gentleman in red who has been hijacked by marketers and is turning our children´s sense of generosity into greed. But it´s traditions, so what.

Thanks God there are different traditions as well. And our Startup Weekend Košice is becoming one of them.

The first event in Košice was organized by some other folks. Then, after one and a half year we took over and it´s the same people (with small additions to the team) who are planning the already 4th Startup Weekend.

The X-mas offers and advertisements usually start about 1 month beforehand. We start preparations for the weekend at least 3 months in advance. It´s THE project. It´s like our baby that we care for. We watch it closely, we can see how she grows and with every new event it´s reaching a whole new level. For this we stay faithful and keep coming back because we can´t wait to see what surprise is hiding in the next event.

We want to share our joy and keenness with you. People relax, slow down, celebrate. Instead we start working, planning and looking forward to seeing the next volume of Startup Weekend Košice.

Enjoy the holidays, step into the New Year with the right foot and circle the date 23th of December in your diaries.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from

Startup Weekend Košice team

Ladislav Kužma