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Proton: The center of an atom is made up of one or more protons. It has a positive charge.

Călin Brandabur is  a Senior Software development engineer which excells in software architecture and management, business analysis and project management. You see, he has the quite some the core knowledge that can help him build a startup in IT (which in this case, would be the atom). When he realised that, he became an entrepreneur. The result: he has bootstrapped several start ups all over the world, mainly United States of America.

Just like a Proton, he has a positive charge: his enthusiasm allows him to take all his know-how and build things from scratch. A home automation project and a 3D printer are his latest projects that have stirred both questions and admirations from his fellow workers.

He will join Irina, the Gamma Ray, at our pre-event tonight to tell you more about the perfect balance between knowledge and passion which can lead you to conquering the world with your startup.


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Ana Maria Radu