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SWVC LogoStartup Weekend Ventura County

March 11-13, 2016 at Rancho Campana High School, Camarillo CA

  • We focus on IoT Healthcare and IoT Agriculture
    • Dignity Health, our nation’s 5th largest healthcare system and Camarillo Chamber of Commerce are executive sponsors.
    • Limoneira Company is a participant and contributor.
    • Monsanto is a participant and contributor.
    • Ventura County Agricultural Commission is a participant.
    • Ventura County Medical Association is a participant and contributor.
    • Ventura County Healthcare Agency is a participant.
    • Semtech Corporation is our connectivity sponsor.
    • Zebra Technologies is our product sponsor.
    • myDevices is our user interface software sponsor.
  • We have a comprehensive startup ecosystem to support our mission.
    • 10 C-level executives will be the judge panel.
      • These companies are potential corporate partners for the startups.
    • 6 successful founders/CEOs will be there as mentors.
      • They will also make themselves available to be recruited by startups as board members.
    • 8 industry veterans will be there to help entrepreneurs tackle healthcare and agriculture opportunities.
      • IoT solutions require the coming together of people who understand the problems (domain experts) and people who can solve the problems (engineers).
    • We offer $10,000 seed fund for winner of IoT Healthcare and $10,000 for winner of IoT Agriculture.
      • Startups need money to raise venture capital.
      • The prize money seeks no interest, no repayment and no equity.
      • Winner must incorporate to receive seed fund.
    • We have public sector endorsement, support and sponsorship.
      • State Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin.
      • Ventura County Government.
      • City of Camarillo.
Martin Shum