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After a total of 36 pitches among around 70 participants, the number of ideas that are up for the final battle is a total of only 8! They have spent the whole of the Day 2 of the Startup Weekend Ashoka to improve upon their business ideas; they have discussed the pros and cons with their mentors and come to an acceptable consensus with their team members. Now only one thing remains….the FINAL PITCH.

Presenting to you the final order of presentations for the final day of the Startup Weekend!

Just kidding!!!

The order of the demos will be decided using chits! So be ready for a surprise.

The demos are 5 minutes max followed by 2-3min to answer the judges’ questions. See you all soon, and good luck teams!

  • Bacano Booth

We give you Bacano Booth- a food truck which comes to your college neighborhood and satiates your hunger with freshly made, hygienic Mexican food. Grab a bite and rush off with a satisfied tummy. And what’s better? Anything and everything is just for Rs 80!!

Priyanka Roychowdhry, Aakanksha Sinha, Anindita Kumar, Ragini Pillai and Mustafa Baqari


  • CatchUp!

An app that helps travellers meet other travellers with common interests to meet while they wait at an airport!

Aditya Goel, Anirban Kundu, Anirudhha Verma, Deepika Chillar, Koishore Roy


  • PooPster

An app that makes your poop experience more happening by connecting you to fellow poopers in your vicinity. Need more? We offer fun poop themed merchandise to satisfy your funny bone!

Exceptthis shit is serious.

Deepansha Triwedi, Pallavi Sirohi and Pooja Sikund


  • Electri’five

All appliances. One app.

Urvin Soneta, Vijay Lingam and Esha Swaroop


  • Penned

An online social platform where lots of people can come together, not only to read and write stories, poems, etc. but also to have loads of fun in between the lines.

Aaishwarya Jain, TL Ritikaa, Akbar Surani, Minchu Kulkarni


  • Payana

Our start-up, ‘Payana’ aims to cater to the college crowd, giving them, or rather, us a chance to enjoy a good holiday at an affordable price. Payana provides an ‘allowance friendly’ holiday for students who want to travel but yet, keep their parents wallet’s happy.

By Kavita Sunil, Ruaab Monga, Rhea Chokshi and Vishwanathan Subramaniam


  • Omnifix

Fix almost everything ranging from issues related to carpentry, electrical, plumbing, electronics, software, hardware and everything else. We deliver the service at your doorstep through our mobile workers.

Yaswanth Sanagapalli, Paras Bhattaray, Hasil Gora, Raghuram Sreepada, Aditya Kesanupalli


  • Bookachino

To create a dedicated cafe-like space for readers and writers where book,consulting services are also provided.

Tarunima Mago, Shruti Sekhsaria, Thanisha Sehgal, Dhruv Sharma, Anjali Singhal


  • The Happy Room

The place where giving and receiving happen all year long–– a gift your way, to make your day!

Sreya Muthukumar, Alishya Almeida, Kshitij Kapoor and Priyanka Kumar


Good luck teams, and for those of you coming to watch see you soon!

Arihant Jain