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A great atmosphere yesterday evening at the Startup Weekend!

We started with a quiet, attentive audience…


Our facilitator Alistair, freshly arrived from the UK, took the floor and did some magic to the place…



And the participants started to mingle.


Lots of ideas were generated yesterday evening! 29 people came on stage to pitch their business idea and convince the audience.


After voting for their best ideas, the participants formed teams from 3 to 7 people.

IMG_0607 IMG_0604

And finally, here are the 13 ideas on which the participants will work this weekend:

Team 1: Wearable Solar Energy

Team 2: Bridge Startups Corporate

Team 3: XSELLA

Team 4: Tinder for Art

Team 5: SmartCare

Team 6: Super Secret Stealth Politics

Team 7: Swiss City Tours

Team 8: myEHR.co

Team 9: PlaySafe

Team 10: Getaway.co

Team 11: Lock B’n’B

Team 12: Twitchers

Team 13: Spendenabo


Good luck to everyone !

Mouna Mahouachi