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We have 9 teams at Startup Weekend Valparaiso. Below are team names and short summaries of the concept.

App that gamifies topic-based learning about environmental and sustainability issues. The decisions that you make in the app can be shared with governments, brands or social groups to raise awareness about these issues and make the world a better place. Duolingo for ambientalists.

Optimize space in cargo trucks. We provide a way for cargo trucks to optimize the leftover space that they have inside their trucks and generate new clients. We save companies cost of shipping by helping them find hidden inventory of shipping space.

A platform to connect people that are trying to find their passions with people that are already developing this passion so they can share their experiences and insights.

App for users to get discounts and opportunities from brands when they are close to the brand’s location.

A loyalty program ecosystem that allows users to use their loyalty points across the companies that are part of the network.

Platform for a community of semi-professional translators to share their knowledge with everyone that needs low cost quality translations.

We simplify the process for start-ups to make apps. We provide a group of modules that can be modified to create these apps.

No Me Robes
App that alerts you if your bicycle is getting stolen and allows you to track it to get it back.

A platform that allows users to learn a new skill while also teaching someone else a new skill. Pay for skills by sharing knowledge.